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"IshokuDogen": literally translated as “food and medicine are of the same source”, is an ancient concept from China which expresses the simple idea that both medicine and one's daily food are equally important in keeping oneself healthy and active. This principle is so deeply ingrained in the origins of the culture and language of Japan that if one is to consider the radicals which create the Japanese character for eating, 食,the hidden meaning of "to make one well" can be found.
Not only in our daily routine, but also when undergoing treatment, our source of nutrition, energy, and health is more important then ever and failing to pay attention to our food sources and habits can lead to many negative effects and health problems.
It is not only the control of calories or salt that makes for a good diet. Eating with a healthy appetite is also a source of joy and satisfaction and the positive effects on the spirit cannot be measured.
At Zeniya, we are convinced that delicious and beautiful cuisine is the foundation of a healthy body and is highly underestimated as an efficient medical treatment.
In Kanazawa you can enjoy the techniques of traditional cuisine combined with a wild range of fresh ingredients from the natural surroundings giving us the crucial foundation for leading a healthy and productive lifestyle.