Japanese cuisine ZENIYA

The pinnacle of Japanese cuisine is a collaboration between the content and the container. At Zeniya, Chef Shinichiro Takagi supervises every ingredient and detail of decor. From every dish and vessel to every flower, making each creation a perfect instant of harmony.
Chef Takagi has a masterful talent for cooking which he combines with well-honed practical experience and a sense of true hospitality at heart. Sit at the counter seats, where the chef serves his elaborate courses directly to the guests and there is neither menu nor "a la carte" choices. Chef Shinichiro Takagi marks the rhythm. He acts as an antenna, picking up his guest's feelings and thoughts. The Zeniya experience is not only its mouthwatering seasonal ingredients, but a unique collaboration of content and container, Chef and guest- culminating in a "chef d'oeuvre" never to be reproduced again. This moment lies at the heart of Zen philosophy and the way of Japanese Tea Ceremony: Each moment is a once in a life-time meeting requiring a full presence of mind and emotion. This concept is often compared to the Latin term, "Carpe Diem". Cuisine is both art and a path of creation.
Japanese cuisine Zeniya
2-29-7, Katamachi Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa 920-0981, Japan